Safe, Efficient
Tree Trimming Tools

So You Can Care For Your Property

Built By Landowners, For Landowners

Like You, We Wanted A Better Solution For Taking Care Of Our Property. That’s Why We Created LimbSaw.

Chain Saw
Powerful enough for large branches
up to 10 inches in diameter
Circular Saw
Cuts horizontally & vertically, so it’s
great for trimming fenceline
Boom Bundle
Gives your more reach and is
interchangeable with both saws

It’s Time For A Better Way To Trim Trees

Here’s Why Our Customers Seek Better Solutions:

I need something better than climbing in a bucket

Our saws are innovative, safe, and fun

I want to be able to tackle projects on my own.

You can use our saws independently

I’m busy and need a quick trimming solution.

Our saws are efficient and easy to use

From the Comfort of Your Tractor,

Make Trimming Branches Safe Again

1️⃣ Buy Your Saw
    Choose the circular saw, chainsaw, or bundle both 

2️⃣ One-Person Install
    Easily attach to tractors, skid steers, or backhoes

3️⃣ Safely Trim Branches
    Complete large or small jobs safely & independently

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What’s It Like To Use A LimbSaw?


“Turns a large job into a simple task that takes only one person to accomplish.”

Kansas Farmer

“Cuts limbs higher than I could reach standing on a loader.”

Oklahoma Landowner

“Takes all the labor out of it. Help is not necessary.”

Texas Farmer

“I cut more tree limbs in 1 hour than I've probably cut by handheld pole saw in the past 10 years.”

Louisiana Landowner

“I just sit back and make slow, careful moves. It's like cutting butter.”

Georgia Farmer
Hydraulic Chainsaw
The LS8 LimbSaw is a front-end loader attachment with an 8' mast that allows you to trim trees from the safety and comfort of your tractor seat.
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Circular Saw
The LSC LimbSaw mounts directly to a tractor's front-end loader enabling you to trim overgrowth from the comfort and safety of your tractor seat.
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