LimbSaw Hydraulic Circular Saw

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The LSC Circular Saw mounts directly to a tractor's front-end loader enabling you to trim overgrowth from the comfort and safety of your tractor seat. 

  • Operates with a 10 GPM flow rate, requiring your tractor to have a 15 GPM
  • Uses a 16 5/16” carbide-tip blade with a tip speed of over 11,000 RPMs
  • Can reach 21' when mounted vertically on a standard loader
  • Trims branches up to 4.5" in diameter
  • Boom can be installed horizontally to clear under fence lines
  • Designed with durability in mind, with a 3,000 PSI control valve and a built-in bypass system that prevents the saw from turning in reverse
  • The LSC cutting head can be interchanged with the original LimbSaw (Model# LS8)
  • Weight: 135 Pounds
  • Hydraulic Hoses are included, uses 3/8" or 1/2" hoses, and will reach to the bucket/loader of your equipment. Based on your connections, additional hose may be needed. Most equipment will need an additional 5 feet.  
  • LimbSaw now offers longer hoses! Search "0117" on our website to be directed to this product. 

Our Quality Guarantee
We offer a 1-year warranty on all LimbSaw products

Designed For Safety

Our saws provide a safe way for landowners to trim their own branches. Plus, they give you an excuse to pull your tractor out of the garage for a fun project.

Trim Vertically & Horizontally

Makes trimming fenceline & near water easy.

Distance Yourself From Branches

Avoid falling limbs that can cause injuries.

Make Jobs Quick & Efficient

Easy and fun to use for small or large projects

What LimbSaw Owners Are Saying:


“This is a very easy-to-use and powerful tool. Works exactly as advertised and we are more than pleased!”

GA Farmer

“This is an amazing device that extends the ability of your skid steer loader or tractor to safely cut limbs much higher than you could safely cut using a pole saw.”

NC Landowner

“I have used this saw twice now for a total of about 5 hours, and I am impressed.”

Todd N

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it does not. Mounting it on the specific right or left side will only change the desired point of contact.

The 3/8” hose is the supply.

We no longer offer the rotating receiver, but with our Fixed Boom it is possible to use this attachment for the transport and operation of either saw; the LS8 Chainsaw model or the LSC Circular saw mode. The skid plate has a position to transport one saw, while having a saw in operational position (the LSC Circular model can be positioned in either a vertical or horizontal setting).

Most likely, the disc washers are not on the shaft properly. There are two flat pieces on the disc that slip over the mandrel. They are located on each side of the blade. If they are not in the proper position, the blade will wobble. Do not worry about bending shaft. The mandrel is a special stainless steel product that will not break. It is sometimes hard to get in the exact position.

Roughly a 2-3 inch stump. However, if you cut it at an angle, you can cut below ground level.

Roughly 14 inches


LimbSaw Guides

LS8 Manual 2019

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LSC Manual 2019

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LSC Parts Page

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