LimbSaw Hydraulic Chainsaw

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The LS8 LimbSaw is a front-end loader attachment with an 8' mast that allows you to trim trees from the safety and comfort of your tractor seat.

  • Only requires 7 GPM hydraulic flow
  • Runs off your tractor’s auxiliary hydraulics
  • Operates with a 20" bar and 0.325 pitch chain
  • Can reach up to 21’ when mounted on a standard tractor loader 
  • ​Self-oiling system provides continuous lubrication directly from your tractor's hydraulic system
  • Reversible motor allows an operator to back the chain out of a pinch
  • Easily installed, attached, and removed
  • Weight: 90 Pounds
  • Hydraulic Hoses are included, uses 3/8" or 1/2" hoses, and will reach to the bucket/loader of your equipment. Based on your connections, additional hose may be needed. Most equipment will need an additional 5 feet.

LimbSaw now offers longer hoses! Search "0117" on our website to be directed to this product. 

Our Quality Guarantee
We offer a 1-year warranty on all LimbSaw products

Distance Yourself From Falling Limbs

Falling limbs are one of the biggest risks with trimming trees, but the LimbSaw keeps you at a safe distance. It’s time to upgrade how you care for your land.

Versatile Attachment

Attaches to a tractor, backhoe, or skid steer.

Prioritize Your Safety

Chainsaw kickback is virtually eliminated.

Save Time & Money

Cut expensive arborist bills & get jobs done quickly.

What LimbSaw Owners Are Saying:


“This product works better than I ever imagined. It cuts limbs higher than I could reach standing on a loader. It takes all the labor out of it.”

TX Farmer

“I just used this for the first time since buying it a few weeks ago. I cut more tree limbs in 1 hour than I've probably cut by handheld pole saw in the past 10 years. Honestly, I procrastinate because it's hard work holding a chainsaw on the end of a pole. My tractor did all the work with this implement! I just sat back and made slow, careful moves and it's like cutting butter. Thank you!”

GA Farmer

It turns a large job into a simple task that takes only one person to accomplish. Sounds pricey but you will forget about that after the first tree you trim.”

KS Farmer

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are having trouble with smaller branches, turn the chainsaw on prior to cutting the smaller branches.

You need to properly adjust the oiler to your equipment upon receipt of your saw. When properly adjusted, the oiler should be a slow trickle at the right adjustment. It should not be dripping. If the oiler is adjusted properly, you should be able to make roughly 400 cuts to 1 quart of oil.

Yes, but make sure it has a standard Stihl mounting pattern.

If using the original chain, make sure the bar has the standard specs that work with our chain.

Chain: 20" .325 .063 81DL ( semi-chiseled chain)

Bar: 20” (rotary tip/nose with a built in sprocket tip)

Motor, #49 Arbor Shim, #11 Sprocket, #12 Key Way, #48 Flat Washer, #13 Shaft Collar

The hose with the oiler is the supply.

. 325 pitch chains will need a 5/32 (4mm) chainsaw chain file to sharpen the chain

The chain guide was designed this way for a reason.  The first couple of times you use your saw, the chain will cut grooves into the 3D printed plastic chain guide that has been custom made for our chainsaw. It protects the links from jumping off the bar when using the saw.

If you tilt your bucket correctly, you should be able to go to the ground. However, you want to be careful.


LimbSaw Guides

LS8 Manual 2019

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LSC Manual 2019

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LSC Parts Page

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